ASME PTC 12.2-2010

ASME PTC 12.2-2010

ASME PTC 12.2-2010 English Secure PDF Steam Surface Condensers

standard published 09/30/2010 by American Society of Mechanical Engineers

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PTC 12.2 has long been the standard performance test code used world-wide wherever power plants are located. Yet this long awaited revision presents a more practical approach to the testing of Steam Surface Condensers, while being updated with current condenser test technology.

Whereas the previous edition was mainly focused on conducting a rigorous full-scale acceptance test, the current edition includes a less rigorous test that would also be considered as an acceptance test. This will lead to more cost-effective testing that can be conducted on a regular basis to facilitate contractual and purchase agreements among all parties.

Intended for test engineers, operators of power plants, plant engineers, plant safety engineers, process engineers, A/E, condenser manufacturers, third-party testing agencies, and anyone who specifies condenser testing in commercial documents.

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Published: 09/30/2010 ISBN: 9780791833056
ANSI Approved Number of Pages: 84