ANSI B11.13-1992(R1998)

ANSI B11.13-1992(R1998)
ANSI B11.13-1992(R1998) English Printed Edition Machine Tools - Single- and Multiple-Spindle Automatic Bar and Chucking Machines - Safety Requirements for Construction, Care and Use

standard published 01/01/1992 by American National Standards Institute

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This standard applies to single- and multiple-spindle automatic bar and chucking machines in which all tool movement is controlled by the machine. A machine of this type is automatic in the sense that it repeatedly performs all of the necessary operations, which may include ejecting the machined piece and presenting a new piece or length of stock to the tools. These machines run continuously until stopped by an operator or any sensing device. The control of these machines can be provided by, but is not limited to, any mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic or electrical means, or combination thereof. Historically some machines to which this standard applies were referred to as screw machines. Specific automatic machines will be referred to as single- or multiple-spindle automatic bar and chucking machines.