ANSI B165.1-2005

ANSI B165.1-2005
ANSI B165.1-2005 English PDF Power Tools - Power-Driven Brushing Tools - Safety Requirements for Design, Care, and Use

standard published 01/01/2005 by American National Standards Institute

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The purpose of this standard is to establish the rules and specifications for safety that apply in the design, use, and care of powerdriven brushing tools. It includes specifications for shanks, adapters, flanges, collets, chucks, and safety guards and rules for the proper storage, handling, mounting, and use of brushes. It embraces all configurations of brushing tools whose functional performance is accomplished by power-driven operation. Covered are brushing tools whose brushing elements are made up of ferrous wire, nonferrous wire, plastic, abrasive filaments, vegetable fibers, animal hair, or other materials, and brushes fabricated with any combination of such elements.